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**Disclaimer: I was given a free e-ARC in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.**

I’d like to begin by thanking The Fantastic Flying Book Club and the publisher for choosing me to be a part of this tour. Please check out the other stops along the tour for other reviews, playlists, and other fun posts about this book and the author, Anna Bright.

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The author is giving away a fairytale-themed necklace to one person who photoshops THE BOUNDLESS’s cover into a photo of themselves on an adventure.

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Title The Boundless (The Beholder #2)

Author Anna Bright

Release Date June 9, 2020

Publisher HarperTeen

Description from Amazon

When Selah found true love with Prince Torden of Norway, she never imagined she’d have to leave him behind. All because the Beholder’s true mission was a secret Selah’s crew didn’t trust her to keep: transporting weapons to the rebels fighting against the brutal tsarytsya, whose shadow looms over their next port of Shvartsval’d. A place Selah hoped she’d never go.

But gone is the girl who departed Potomac filled with fear. With a stockpile of weapons belowdecks and her heart hanging in the balance, Selah is determined to see the Beholder’s quest to its end.

Initial Thoughts

I was excited to have been chosen for this tour. This is a book that I definitely wanted to read. I had mixed feelings at the end of The Beholder, mostly because I found Selah to be a bit fickle in her quest for a suitor. However, she was young and I was eager to see how she matured in her journey. Also, full disclosure, I’m completely sold on the Lang + Selah ship – so, I was hoping to see that in book 2.

Some Things I Liked

  • Alternate history. I’m obsessed with this concept as well as the details that Anna Bright developed / created / drew from in order to make her world. She pulls from myths, history, real places, and most importantly, her imagination to create a rich and fascinating world that I would eagerly read more books set in.
  • Torden and the other suitors as an afterthought. First things first, I was all about the fact that Lang was the only main actually in her life at the moment. Also, I really liked seeing how Selah became so independent and resourceful in this book. She was very much a scared young girl in The Beholder but she grew into the role of future leader and fierce friend in The Boundless. I really enjoyed her character growth.
  • Cinderella vibes. I thought the first book felt reminiscent of Cinderella because of the evil Step Mother and the Godmother (who was her only ally). This book had even more concrete nods to Cinderella and I really liked that. From Baba Yaga’s nickname of ash-girl for Selah to the scene where she didn’t have shoes, Selah felt more and more like Cinderella.

One Thing I Wasn’t Crazy About

  • I didn’t love the ending. I can’t really say much more but there was something that disappointed me about the way we left everything. It by no means ruined the book for me, but, it just wasn’t my favorite.

Series Value

I was not a big fan of the ending of this book. No spoilers, but let’s just say, a certain thing I wanted to happen, didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. However, I will say that this world is utterly fascinating. I would love to read companion novels, spin-offs, or even sequels set in this alternate version of the world we know today.

Furthermore, I really enjoy Anna Bright’s writing style. I would most certainly keep reading the books she writes in the future.

Final Thoughts

I am very much driven by the romance plots of books. This book pushed that to the back burner and I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed the solo character growth, as opposed to a romance plot. This book was quite different from its predecessor and again, I welcomed that. I really loved the world building and found Selah to be a much stronger character this time around. I did have one issue with the story, noted above, but overall, this was a solid read.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • The Selection by Kiera Cass – if you enjoyed the idea of suitors, courtship, and alternate American history, try this series.
  • Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers – if you enjoyed the Cinderella aspects of this story but are looking for a more sci-fi twist, try this gender bent Cinderella retelling.
  • Rook by Sharon Cameron – again, if you liked the idea of alternate history, try this standalone set in a dystopian version of France.

Author Bio

Anna Bright is an indie bookseller by day and an author by night who still gets in trouble for reading when she’s supposed to be doing other things. When not hiding out among books, she loves concerts, roller coasters, and adventures at home and abroad. Anna lives with her husband and cat in a charming cobblestoned neighborhood in Washington, DC, but you can find her online at and on Twitter and Instagram at @brightlyanna.

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