Read Along – We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal Act II


Title We Hunt the Flame

Author Hafsah Faizal

Section Covered Act II (Chapters 23-63)

Initial Thoughts

Act I was a little slow.  It was 22 chapters of build up.  I really wanted to see Act II get into the actual quest.  And, I want to know who the other two characters are from the preorder cards.

Favorite Character

Benyamin – I can’t believe I actually thought he might have had an “evil look in his eye” in my Preorder Gift post.  He’s amazing and he might be my favorite overall now.  His story is so sad and unexpected.  

Honorable mention to Altair.  His banter with Nasir and Kifah is perfect.  


I feel like bromance between the main male characters in YA books usually goes undeveloped.  I love that Hafsah Faizal is featuring Nasir and Altair’s friendship so prominently.  Nasir doesn’t even know that Altair is his best friend, but in Act II, I think he is starting to figure it out.  Even Zafira is able to see it.

Favorite Quote

“There was once a boy with a future.

Until all he had left was his past.”

— Page 179

Deen!  His death was so tragic, but also so necessary.  He loved Zafira but she didn’t love him back (at least not like that).  I really like that the quote from the first page is continued here to show that Deen was a part of the team and he won’t be forgotten.

Hopes for Act III

More secrets and revelations.  There are so many mysteries that Benyamin is glossing over promising to tell us more about later.  I want to know all of the secrets.  Also, while the slow burn of the romance between Zafira and Nasir is excellently written, I am getting so frustrated waiting for something to happen.  At least the pity-party that each of them was having seems to have died down in Act II.  I want it to be completely over by Act III.

Fear for Act III

Do not.  I repeat.  Do not let this be a repeat of Wicked Saints.  I get all invested in a “dark and broody” character and then he goes off and does something bad in the end.  I will not forgive Nasir if he kills anyone in his zumra.

Overall Impressions of Act II

I can sum it up in one hashtag, #squadgoals.

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