Read Along – Shadow & Flame by Mindee Arnett Part II The Paragon and the King


**Disclaimer: the below is a read along post for Shadow & Flame by Mindee Arnett.  There may be spoilers as it is much more detailed than a review.  Please stay tuned for my spoiler free review.**

Title Shadow & Flame

Author Mindee Arnett

Section Covered Part I – The Paragon and the King (Chapter 16 – end)

Initial Thoughts

The ending of Part I was a major cliffhanger!  But, at least Kate and Corwin know the truth now that the other is alive.

I think there is a lot that needs to happen in Part II for me to be fully satisfied.

Favorite Part

Kate getting over herself.  Finally, Kate stopped being so controlling and bossy.  She learned to trust her friends and finally be the leader that they needed.

Something I Didn’t Love

Dal!  Why did Dal have to die?  He and Signey should have been able to ride off into the sunset together and I’m so disappointed that they couldn’t.  I kept waiting for some kind of magic or something that would resurect him.  Major bummer that Dal didn’t make it.

Also, Wraith!  I loved Master Wraith’s words of wisdom and I was so sad that he died.

Basically, the thing I didn’t love was the amount of character death.  I wanted more of my favorites to survive (and yes, everyone is my favorite).

Series Value

I think the world that Mindee Arnett built has so much potential for future storylines and spin offs.  Signey and the Furen Mag, Bonner and the Wilders, Kate and Corwin ruling Rime.  I would love to see more about everyone in this world.

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