Unboxing – OwlCrate May 2019


This is my second OwlCrate box and I have to admit, it was just as good as the first.

Theme Epic Adventures

Items Included

  • Vinyl sticker inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle – this is a super cute design and I really like it.  But, I don’t have much use for stickers.  I like that it photographs well and I loved that story, but I don’t really have anywhere to stick it.
  • A Court of Mist and Fury inspired sleep mask – this is a very high quality item.  It’s made well and very comfortable.  Again, I don’t have much use for it as I don’t like to sleep with anything covering my eyes.  Also, in a shocking turn of events, I haven’t read anything by Sarah J. Maas (I know, that’s basically blasphemy for anyone who says they like YA).
  • Passport wallet with a quote from The Hobbit – I like that this is a practical item.  It’s in a neutral color (black, my fave) and that the quote isn’t something silly.  It’s fun but it’s still something I’d use.
  • Stardust quote water bottle – I like reusable water bottles, but I have so many.  This item is nice, but once again, not necessary.  I’d probably use it in the house, but it’s definitely not something I’d buy for myself as a stand alone item.
  • A Darker Shade of Magic pillowcase – as some of you probably saw, I was quite critical of the last pillowcase I received in a subscription box.  This one, however, I actually like.  It’s a little more “pirate-ish” than I’d normally like, but at least the quote is something I’d like to display.
  • Monthly enamel pin – I love this pin.  Not only was it designed by Hafsah Faizal (the author of this month’s book, We Hunt the Flame) it’s so pretty.  I love the Arabian Nights / Aladdin vibe.  This pin is going right to prime placement on my OwlCrate Pin board.
  • Art print and letter from the author – the art print is actually double-sided and features the two main characters from the book.  I wanted to show Zafira for this picture.  I liked that the print matches the pre-order incentive cards that I received earlier this week.  Additionally, I always like a letter from the author.  It makes reading their work (especially debut novels) that much more personal.
  • We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal – I am obsessed with this book.  This is my second copy (received another from my Fantasy Monthly Subscription — review on that to come).  I haven’t read it yet (I am literally about to go start as soon as I finish writing this post) but, it sounds amazing.  One thing I am a bit disappointed in is the cover art.  Normally OwlCrate does something pretty drastic for their exclusive first edition and while I like the subtle change (font is gold on the regular edition and silver on the OwlCrate exclusive), I feel almost like it wasn’t enough.  It’s still very pretty, but I wanted more drama.

Next Month’s Theme Libraries of Wonder

Use this link to get your first OwlCrate box


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