Unboxing – OwlCrate April 2019

Since fully diving into bookstagram, I have recently subscribed to a few book subscription boxes. I had tried other types of subscription boxes in the past (mostly for makeup and hair products) but, I usually found that out of the items included, I only ended up using 1 maybe 2 out of 5-7. I wanted to see if that would be true of bookish boxes.

This was my first OwlCrate box. Right off the bat, I love that there are no perishable goods in here. Nothing that will expire or go bad, nothing that can’t be kept out or has a specific temperature setting.

I also really liked the ratio of collectible to practical items.

  • Practical
    • Six of Crows socks
      Pop socket
      Darkling inspired scarf
      Pin holder


      Finale excerpt
      Wicked Saints cloth map
      Wicked Saints pin
      Special cover signed edition of Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

    It’s about 50/50 which is perfect. I have received other boxes with a much higher ratio of “practical” items but they are items I wouldn’t use. I can see myself using all of the practical items in this box.

    Shoutout to the lefties reading this post: the notebook has a top spiral. I love that. Anyone can use it. As a fellow leftie, I’m especially pleased with this notebook.

    Overall, I loved this box. I thought it was the best one I’ve received yet.

    Use this link to get your first OwlCrate box

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