Read Along – Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett Part III The Rising


**Disclaimer: the below is a read along post for Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett.  There may be spoilers as it is much more detailed than a review.  Please stay tuned for my spoiler free review.**

Title Onyx & Ivory

Author Mindee Arnett

Section Covered Part III – The Rising (Chapter 32 – end)

Initial Thoughts

Part II, The Errant Prince, ended on a major cliffhanger.  By the time I finished listening and wrote my read along post, it was going for midnight.  I didn’t want to, but I had to stop listening.  Basically, Part II left me reeling.

Favorite Part

Bringing the story full circle.  I loved that the ending brought all of the pieces together.  Nothing felt random or forced.  It wasn’t until the villain’s big reveal, that I finally understood the mystery unfolding before me.  Major props to Mindee Arnett for taking me by surprise.  I never saw the villain as The Fallen One.  I just assumed that was an old story used to illustrate what happens to an heir who loses the Yore.

Final Thoughts

The ending was bittersweet.  I loved that Kate and Corwin finally figured it out.  They were finally honest with each other and it made their relationship that much stronger.  However, I don’t love that Kate’s brother is now missing in some foreign land that we no nothing about.  I think we still have plenty of mystery left to solve in the next book and I’m super excited to start it.

Hopes for Shadow & Flame

Find Kieran!  They need to find him unharmed and safe.  He’s had such a hard life already, he deserves a happy ending with his big sister.

More Wraith!  He’s still my favorite character.  Also, more Bonner.  I want a bromance between Bonner and Wraith, I think they could be really interesting friends.

Edwin, Edwin, Edwin.  What are they going to do with him?  He’s basically a spineless jellyfish who is being manipulated by the other members of his council.  I don’t exactly know what I want to see done to him.  But, he definitely can’t stay the High King.

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