Countdown – YALLSTAYHOME 2020

Alright, friends, this year has seen the cancellation of many of my most anticipated bookish events. But, I’m trying to look at the glass half-full. I was not actually planning to attend YALLWEST 2020 but now, with YALLSTAYHOME, I can.

Ways to Follow My Progress

  • Instagram @books_over_everything
  • Twitter @mk_books
  • This blog – which I will be updating regularly.  And yes, there are pre-planned posts to drop during the weekend.  Just because I’m busy for the weekend doesn’t mean I won’t give my scheduled doses of bookish thoughts.

What Events Will I Be “Attending”

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Modern Magic World Building
  • Facing the Enemy
  • YALLSTAYHOME Smackdown
  • Whodunit and Why Do We Care?
  • Worldbuilding Beyond Wikipedia

Depending on how these events go I will either post individual recaps or a full weekend recap. Let me know if you are planning on watching any of these!

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