Hype Post – Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan


**Disclaimer, I have not read Stronger than a Bronze Dragon.  The following post is pure speculation about what I think I will like and dislike about it.  My copy should be arriving at my house any minute.**

Title Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon

Author Mary Fan

Description from Amazon

Liang Anlei wants a life of glory and revenge

As a warrior who protects her village from shadow spirits, Anlei has never been beyond the borders of her town. All of that changes the day the viceroy and his fleet of mechanical dragons arrives. It’s the protection her village is desperate for, but it will only be given in exchange for Anlei’s hand in marriage. Torn between wanting to protect her village and her own freedom, Anlei is forced to make a sacrifice.

The day before her wedding, she encounters Tai, a young thief who is also trying to save his people. Tempted by his quest and the thrill of glory it promises, the two embark on an epic journey to the Courts of Hell to discover where the shadow spirits come from. But the secret of their existence isn’t so easily solved.

Amid dark experiments and battles on magic-fueled airships, Anlei must summon the courage to be the hero; to live the life she has always dreamed of.

Initial Thoughts

I’m on a real dragon kick this year.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s the end of Game of Thrones, maybe I just love mythical creatures.  I can’t put my finger on it, but a book about mechanical dragons just fascinated me.

Cover Art

I really like the cover of this book.  The colors are different and I love the dragon.  You almost don’t see it at first.  It’s intricate and vivid.  I love it.

Notes on the Dust Jacket

I’m very interested in these mechanical dragons.  I’m thinking steampunk Asia for the setting of this book and that gives me all kinds of old school Final Fantasy vibes.

Final Thoughts

This book almost flew under the radar for me.  I almost didn’t preorder it.  But, something told me I should.  I’m super excited to receive my copy and dive it.

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