Read Along – Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller Part IV The God


Title Warrior of the Wild

Author Tricia Levenseller

Section Covered Part IV – The God (Chapters 22- end)

Initial Thoughts

The end of Part III left me reeling.  Two down, one to go!  My new favorite trio is so close to the end.  I went into this section with my fingers crossed that I’d get that happy ending I wanted so badly.

Favorite Character

Rasmira – as expected.  I personally think it’s a book is somewhat of a failure if by the end, my favorite character isn’t the main character.  It’s great write likeable secondary characters, but, show me why you made this one the POV character.  That’s exactly what I got in Part IV.  Proof that Rasmira should be the main character.  She grew so much during this story and I thoroughly enjoyed her transformation.  Not only did she prove her worth to her people, she proved it to herself.  She earned her place as their future leader.

Other Random Thoughts

I was a little bit sad to see the way Rasmira handled her mother’s punishment.  This was a short book, so I can’t really be surprised that I didn’t get to see their relationship mended.  Similarly, I thought the punishment for Torrin and Havard was not strict enough.  I know that Rasmira became a better person because of her time in the Wild, but I wanted there to be more to the punishment for those evil boys who sabotaged her trial.

MK for the win (please see my post about Part III – The Mattugrs), but I was totally right about Peruxolo not being a god.  And, I’m very happy that we got a full explanation on that front.  The mantle of Peruxolo was created by the villages own cruelty to those who failed their trials.  I almost felt bad for the current iteration of the god when he was killed by Rasmira.  Key word, almost.  He was a monster and he did do terrible things, I can’t forget that.

Final Thoughts

No surprise, I loved this book.  I also love Tricia Levenseller’s other books.  This was a quick read and it was so hard to put it down.  Full review to come with recommendations but, overall, this was a fantastic read.

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