Read Along – Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller Part III The Mattugrs


Title Warrior of the Wild

Author Tricia Levenseller

Section Covered Part III – The Mattugrs (Chapters 15-21)

Initial Thoughts

Again, I feel compelled to point out that prying myself away from this book to write is quite a challenge.  I want to share my thoughts with my readers, but this book is so good!  But, alas, I have managed to do it.  Part IV – The God, is eagerly awaiting me, but I wanted to get my thoughts out first.  Part II had so much emotion.  I was so happy to see Soren and Iric’s relationship mending.  But, I was equally happy that Part III was going to include the mattugrs that we’ve been hearing about since Part I.  I was excited for some action sequences.

Favorite Character

Soren – he’s basically a lovable idiot who has given his heart away (mostly to Rasmira, but a little to Iric).  As much as I love Iric’s sassiness, I can’t not mention how much I like Soren’s character.  He’s a genuinely good person.  Loyal to a fault with no secrets (at least none that we’ve seen yet).  I’d be very upset to find out with only one part left that he’s not who he says he is.  But, I think that outcome is very unlikely.

Favorite Quote

“The god has scarred me.  The hyggja has scarred me.  A mountain cat.  Now the otti.  Each scar marks me as a survivor.  A warrior of the wild.”

— Page 258

I secretly love when the title of a book is mentioned casually somewhere in the pages.   Just once, not in an overused way, just like we see here.  And, I love what Rasmira means by this quote.  She knows that her entire journey has made her stronger.  She wouldn’t be the person that she is today, a person that she is proud to be, if she hadn’t been banished.

Hopes for Part IV

I was happy to see the romance between Soren and Rasmira develop in this section.  Since Part IV is the last part, I want to see some kind of happy ending for them.  I also want a happy ending for Iric, but his should be easier to come by as he is going home to his parents and his love while Soren and Rasmira come from different villages and she has yet to complete her mattugr.

I also want some closure around the “god” concept.  Part III revealed that Peruxolo is using lodestones to make it look like he has magic that gives him control over metal.  He also looks like a man and so far, has not revaled any remarkable powers that could not be explained.  I question if he is a god at all.  I hope Part IV gives some backstory to his character.

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