Read Along – We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal Act III


Title We Hunt the Flame

Author Hafsah Faizal

Section Covered Act III (Chapters 64-91)

Initial Thoughts

I was so pumped to read the final act in this book.  Act II >>>>> Act I so I had very very very high hopes for the third act.

Favorite Character

Altair – back to Altair.  I had a brief moment where I thought Benyamin was my favorite character (and he’s still a very close second) but Altair takes the prize in Act III.  He was the light to his little brother’s darkness and he was the best character.


**Major Spoiler Alert** – the bromance I loved so much became so much more when we learned that Altair is Nasir’s big brother.  What an excellent turn.  I loved it.

However, I hated that Altair thinks the gang left him on Sharr.  He needs to know that Nasir is coming back for him.

Final Thoughts

I hated the fact that Benyamin died but, I did like the idea that now he could be with his son again.  That was a tragic story that was almost too much.  I’m ok with his death since Nasir gained a brother while he lost his cousin.

The Silver Witch, is who??  I can’t say I’m totally surprised, I did think she was one of the Six Sisters of Old but the warden of Sharr, that was a bit of a surprise.  Also, I was a little surprised that she is Nasir’s mother. 

Once learning about Altair’s mother, I really can’t say his father’s identity was any kind of shock.  Why else would he have agreed to go so far for Nasir?  Why did he know so much?  I am now very curious to know what a half ancient, quarter safi, quarter ifrit is capable of so I guess I will have to wait for the next book.

The romance.  Slow burning to the bitter end.  We got to see it develop a little more in Act III and then Nasir went and ruined it all.  

Overall, I loved this book.  It started out slow but it built into something amazing.  I am dying to read the next installment in the story (despite the lack of title, publication date, and synopsis available on Goodreads).  


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