Hype Post – Isle of Blood and Stone by Makiia Lucier


**Disclaimer, I have not read Isle of Blood and Stone or any spoilers about it.  I received my copy yesterday.  The following post is pure speculation on what I think I will like and dislike about it.**

Title Isle of Blood and Stone

Author Makiia Lucier

Description from Amazon

Eighteen years ago two princes of the island kingdom of St. John del Mar were kidnapped and murdered, a deadly plot by the rival kingdom of Mondrago. Everyone knows the story, but for Elias, Mercedes, and Ulises, the aftermath of that tragic day is deeply personal. Elias grew up without his father, who was killed trying to protect the princes. Mercedes is half-Mondragan, leaving her to grow up in the shadow of del Mar’s hate. And Ulises, as the youngest and only remaining prince, inherited the throne meant for his older brothers. Now, the three friends just want to move on with their lives. But when two maps surface—each with the same hidden riddle—troubling questions arise. What really happened to the young princes? And why do the maps look like they were drawn by Elias’s father, whose body was never found? To discover what really happened that fateful day, Elias, Mercedes, and Ulises must follow the clues hidden in the maps, uncovering long-held secrets and unimaginable betrayals along the way. But the truth is dangerous, and not everyone wants it to come out. Isle of Blood and Stone is a sweeping fantasy full of intrigue and schemes, romance and friendship, and fearless explorers searching for the truth.

Initial Thoughts

I was approved for the second book in the series on NetGalley without realizing that it was a sequel🤦‍♀️.  It sounded really good so I decided to apply.  Then, I discovered that I needed to read the first book (which, as luck would have it, also sounded really good).

Cover Art

I like the cover of this book.  It’s a pretty color that reminds me of the ocean and I like the sea serpent/monster.  It’s simple and I like that.

Notes on the Dust Jacket

The description doesn’t say too much about this being a sea voyage, but I think the cover gives that part away.  I love a good mystery so this story sounds really exciting.  I am afraid that the romance element will not be as developed but I can’t confirm that until I read it.

Final Thoughts

I am currently reading Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen and I think Isle of Blood and Stone sounds right up that alley.  I am looking forward to this one and I’m really glad I stumbled upon the series on NetGalley.


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