May the Fourth – The Force Awakens


Since today is May 4th, I wanted to do some recommendations based on the plots of the Star Wars series.  Please note, these will all be YA books.

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

It’s been 30 years since we last heard anything from the Star Wars cinematic universe.  This movie re-awakend the franchise with a bang, bringing in new fans and bringing back nostalgia for old fans.  At its core, this is a story family and living up to a legacy.

  • Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan – I literally just finished this one but it’s so perfect for this post.  All of our main characters have a legacy to live up to.  Nadya, to be the cleric that her country needs.  Serefin, to be the prince he was meant to.  And, Malachiasz, to not be the monster that he was forced to be.  All of these characters parallel the characters in The Force Awakens (no spoilers, so read it for yourself to find out who’s who.)
  • An Affair of Poisons by Addie Thorley – this is another story of a character who is fighting the urge to be like her mother.  Like Kylo Ren fights the urge to be like his parents, Mirabelle does not want to be the poisoner that her mother wants.  Both stories are about living up to one legacy and running away from another.
  • The Charlotte Holmes Series by Brittany Cavallaro – true to its name, this is a series about a descendant of Sherlock Holmes himself.  Much like many of our characters in The Force Awakens, Charlotte (Sherlock) and Jamie (Watson) struggle to find the balance between being themselves and being like their predecessors.

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