Review – The Valley and the Flood by Rebecca Mahoney

**Disclaimer: I was given a free e-book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.**

Title The Valley and the Flood
Author Rebecca Mahoney
Release Date February 23, 2021
Date Read January 27, 2021

Description from Amazon

Rose Colter is almost home, but she can’t go back there yet. When her car breaks down in the Nevada desert, the silence of the night is broken by a radio broadcast of a voicemail message from her best friend, Gaby. A message Rose has listened to countless times over the past year. The last one Gaby left before she died.

So Rose follows the lights from the closest radio tower to Lotus Valley, a small town where prophets are a dime a dozen, secrets lurk in every shadow, and the diner pie is legendary. And according to Cassie Cyrene, the town’s third most accurate prophet, they’ve been waiting for her. Because Rose’s arrival is part of a looming prophecy, one that says a flood will destroy Lotus Valley in just three days’ time.

Rose believes if the prophecy comes true then it will confirm her worst fear–the PTSD she was diagnosed with after Gaby’s death has changed her in ways she can’t face. So with help from new friends, Rose sets out to stop the flood, but her connection to it, and to this strange little town, runs deeper than she could’ve imagined.

Initial Thoughts

I won’t lie and say that I was super excited to read this one. I honestly forgot that I even requested it from the publisher. I think it was on a form for all the winter titles and I clicked yes. But, after reading the synopsis, it definitely peaked my interest.

Some Things I Liked

  • Grief as a central theme. I really enjoyed the way that grief, PTSD, and guilt were the main themes in this book.
  • Little to no romance. This was something I didn’t think I’d enjoy but romance wouldn’t have felt right for Rose. This was her story and her goodbye to Gaby.
  • Quirky small town. While Lotus Valley was a super weird place, I enjoyed the “quirky small town” vibes it gave off. It’s a place that I feel like if you stumbled upon it and then left, you’d question if you were ever there.

One Thing I Wasn’t Crazy About

  • Confusing time line. I found that I struggled to keep up with the timeline and flashback scenes. The Valley often showed Rose things and I was confused about whether they were past or present. While I understand the supernatural element, I found it a bit muddled.

Series Value

There’s not much series value here. Rose is moving on with her healing process but I don’t think she’d ever encounter a place quite like the Valley ever again. I liked the writing style, though. I’d read another Rebecca Mahoney book.

Final Thoughts

I liked this book. It was different from what I usually read in stand alones. But, I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a unique debut from an author I’d read more from.


Recommendations for Further Reading

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