Happy New Year – 2021 Goals

Happy New Year, friends!

It’s January 1, 2021 so I wanted to take some time to address my reading and writing goals for the year

  • Read 200 books (or more 🤣)
  • 25% of books should be books I already own
  • 25% of books should be NetGalley or Edelweiss books
  • Review every book I read. I’d rather read less books and write more reviews. Reviews are the easiest way to help an author and support a book. If you enjoyed a book, take 5 minutes and write a few sentences about why and post it in GoodReads, Amazon, or wherever you like to buy books.
  • More buddy reads with @lianne_the_bibliophile
  • Finish my WIP. I say this every year but I really want to make it happen in 2021! I’ve made some amazing author friends in 2020 and they’ve given me some amazing insight into buckling down and getting my words and ideas onto the page. It’s time.
  • More book buying bans. I want to be pragmatic about this. I love books and I love supporting authors but I can only own so many books with my current space and, I want to practice better saving habits. However, I will purchase more ebook copies of books (instead of physical) and add my books that I want to purchase down the line to my Wishlists and GoodReads shelves.

It’s day 1 of 2021 – I’m excited to start on all of these projects!

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