Review – The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

**Disclaimer: I was given a free e-ARC in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.**

Title The Tourist Attraction

Author Sarah Morgenthaler

Description from Amazon

He had a strict “no tourists” policy…
Until she broke all of his rules.

When Graham Barnett named his diner The Tourist Trap, he meant it as a joke. Now he’s stuck slinging reindeer dogs to an endless parade of resort visitors who couldn’t interest him less. Not even the sweet, enthusiastic tourist in the corner who blushes every time he looks her way…

Two weeks in Alaska isn’t just the top item on Zoey Caldwell’s bucket list. It’s the whole bucket. One look at the mountain town of Moose Springs and she’s smitten. But when an act of kindness brings Zoey into Graham’s world, she may just find there’s more to the grumpy local than meets the eye…and more to love in Moose Springs than just the Alaskan wilderness.

Release Date May 5, 2020

Initial Thoughts

I saw this book all over Instagram and NetGalley and this was actually one that I “wished for” on NetGalley. I wasn’t sure if I’d be chosen but I was happy to discover that I was. Honestly, the main attraction was the fact that the setting was Moose Springs. Moose are my favorite animals.

Some Things I Liked

  • Moose Springs and Ulysses. I loved that this story was set somewhere named for moose and, there was a moose featured in the story. I have not had the joy of seeing a moose in person but I loved that Ulysses, the moose in The Tourist Attraction, was so loved by the other characters and so respected.
  • Flawed main character. Once again, I applaud the fact that the main character felt like a real person. Zoey wore glasses, and not just when it was convenient. She had real moments where those glasses got in the way and were not attractive. Zoey was self conscious about her job in a way that felt real. She was a down to earth character with issues that were relatable. I really enjoyed reading about her.
  • Animal representation. I also really loved that respect for nature and animals was a strong theme in this book. Graham’s dog was blind and the care and love that both Graham and the other characters showed him were nice details that are often overlooked. Meaning, I feel like I read novels where a character has a pet for one scene but then goes on vacation for 3 days and the pet just magically takes care of itself. I loved that Graham’s dog was prominently featured and cared for.

Series Value

I would definitely continue with this series. I thought it was cute, fun read and we met tons of characters with sequel potential. Lana, for example, would make an excellent MC in another book in this series.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. This was my first book by Sarah Morgenthaler and I can say that I am a fan. I would keep reading this series and her books in the future.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • An Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveras – if you liked the vacation romance vibes in The Tourist Attraction, give this new release a try.
  • Well Met by Jen DeLuca – if you liked the realistic struggles that Zoey felt in The Tourist Attraction, you will easily connect with the main character in Well Met.
  • The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – if you liked the vacation vibes but wanted an enemies to lovers trope thrown in there, look no further than this standalone by Christina Lauren.

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