Writing Slump – July 2019


Ok, it happened.  After pretty nonstop writing progress for the last three months, I hit a writing slump.  I just didn’t feel like writing for the last few days.  I’m not sure why.  I was still reading, and I’ve finished four books since I last posted, but, I just couldn’t bring myself to review them.  Or write anything about them.  So, I wanted to take some time to chronicle what happens to me when I get in a writing slump.

First, I tell myself that reading is more important than writing.  I need to read the books if I want to write the reviews, right?  So I talk myself out of writing in favor of something that is definitely beneficial to me.

Next, I start to talk myself out of writing for less important reasons.  For example, I’ll say that I’ll watch an episode of The Office, then I’ll write.  Then one episode becomes 6 and there went two hours.  I repeat this process with the old “just one more” and then I lose the entire day.

Finally, the last stage, I feel like I have nothing to say.  This is when I decide not to write because I’ve decided that whatever I’m about to write about isn’t good enough or it could be better, if I wait to write it.  This is the worst stage.  It’s my self-doubt stage and I should do everything possible to avoid it.

Now, I’m working on getting out of a writing slump.  The first step, admitting that I’m in one.  Check.  Next up, I’m writing this post, basically telling everyone that I was a lazy bum for a few days (I’m hoping this holds me a little accountable).  Finally, I will actually write.  Sound easy, right?  Definitely easier said than done.

Some Tips for Avoiding and Getting Out of a Writing Slump:

  • Seek inspiration.  Go online.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, etc. are all excellent sources of inspiration.  Take a new photo of a book to post.  Go outside!  Find a new topic to write about.  Start a new mini-series of posts.  Look around for anything and everything that inspires you.
  • Make a plan.  Write down all of the things you want to write about.  It always helps me tackle multiple tasks if I have a list in front of me.  Sometimes it helps to start with some easy items just to feel a sense of accomplishment.  And that’s ok!  Do what you need to do in order to get back on track.
  • Try working on a different project.  Sometimes you just need a break from whatever you’re currently working on.  Sometimes, the inspiration just isn’t there.  Try something else and then go back to the first project when it feels right.
  • Take a break!  This is probably the most important tip I can offer.  You can’t write all the time and you can’t possibly expect to constantly feel like sharing your thoughts.  Sometimes time away is the best thing for your writing.  Fresh eyes or a fresh perspective are often the best editors.

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