Review – Make or Break at the Lighthouse B&B by Portia MacIntosh

**Disclaimer: I was given a free e-book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.**

Title Make or Break at the Lighthouse B&B

Author Portia MacIntosh

Release Date February 14, 2020

Description from Amazon

Welcome to beautiful Hope Island, where the sun is shining, the locals are welcoming, and Lola is about to find a second chance at love…

Thirty-one-year-old matchmaker Lola James had it all – until she broke her leg at a wedding and discovered that her so-called ‘best friend’ was suddenly too busy to call, her flat had far too many steps, and her boyfriend replaced her quicker than you can say ‘crutches’.

And so she’s back at her parents’ B&B, sleeping in the living room (she can’t get upstairs) and having her hair washed by her mum (she can’t get in the shower).

Freshly single and with a lot of time on her hands, Lola is only too pleased to run into gorgeous Dr Will, an old friend who has definitely improved with age… And then there’s Dean, a divorcé who’s convinced he’s better off alone – no matter how lonely he is.
Can Will help mend Lola’s broken heart as well as her leg? Can she help Dean find love? As a wise man once said, sometimes the one for you is right under your nose, all along…

Initial Thoughts

This story sounded like a cute rom-com and I was really in the mood to read one of those. I’m glad I was approved for this title – it came right at the perfect time.

Some Things I Liked

  • Witty dialogue. I loved the conversations Lola had with everyone, especially with Dean.
  • The Unmatchables. I loved the group that Lola formed (or rather, her mother formed) that she ended up helping. Their interactions were hilarious and I loved seeing their stories pan out.
  • Setting. I loved Hope Island and the local culture that came with it. I loved the way the island was described and I would love to go visit!

Series Value

While this story feels complete as a standalone, I loved all of the characters. I’d love a sequel with Lola matching more “unmatchables”. I thought the dialogue was charming and the characters were engaging and I’d love to see more of that set on Hope Island.

Final Thoughts

This book was super cute. I loved everything about it. If you’re looking for a rom-com for Valentine’s Day (or any time) check this one out!


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Christmas at Frozen Falls by Kiley Dunbar – although this is a holiday story, the vibes are so similar. If you like stories about revisiting the past in order to discover what your future has in store, try this holiday story by Kiley Dunbar.
  • The Move by Whitney Dineen – if you like clean, rom-coms about starting over in a new place with hilarious, sometimes over-bearing parents, try this book by Whitney Dineen.
  • Coming Home to Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters – if you liked the themes of re-discovering yourself that Lola experiences in Make or Break at the Lighthouse B&B, try this book by Victoria Walters – the sequel came out last week.

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