Review – Beyond the Shadowed Earth by Joanna Ruth Meyer

Title Beyond the Shadowed Earth

Author Joanna Ruth Meyer

Release Date January 14, 2020

Description from Amazon

It has always been Eda’s dream to become empress, no matter the cost. Haunted by her ambition and selfishness, she’s convinced that the only way to achieve her goal is to barter with the gods. But all requests come with a price and Eda bargains away the soul of her best friend in exchange for the crown.

Years later, her hold on the empire begins to crumble and her best friend unexpectedly grows sick and dies. Gnawed by guilt and betrayal, Eda embarks on a harrowing journey to confront the very god who gave her the kingdom in the first place. However, she soon discovers that he’s trapped at the center of an otherworldly labyrinth and that her bargain with him is more complex than she ever could have imagined.

Initial Thoughts

I absolutely loved Beneath the Haunting Sea and (despite my initial delay), was super excited to read this book. I love the idea of spin-off or indirect sequels to stories.

Some Things I Liked

  • Building upon an already rich world. I thought the world, mythology, and religion developed in Beneath the Haunting Sea was so well done. We only got more of that in this story. I love Joanna Ruth Meyer’s writing style.
  • Villainous lead. I loved that the main character was a villain from the previous book. She wasn’t the main villain, but you don’t like Eda in Beneath the Haunting Sea. I love the idea of a redemption story**cough, cough, Kylo Ren / Ben Solo**.

Cover Art

The cover art on this book is so much prettier than that of the first installment. I hope they redo the cover of Beneath the Haunting Sea to match this cover.

Series Value

I would love to see more books in this series. I feel like Eda has more story to tell and I also feel like we met so many interesting new characters that I’d love to read spin-off stories about.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t love the ending of this book. I loved everything else about this book and I will most definitely revise this rating if a sequel is announced. If this is the end of my beloved characters, I have to give this book a four star rating. However, I love this world and would love to read more about it.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Beneath the Haunting Sea by Joanna Ruth Meyer – if, for whatever reason, you read this book first, read the first story in the series! These two are more companions to each other but both are fantastic reads.
  • Furyborn by Claire Legrand – if you like the idea of a villainous lead, check out this story. The entire premise is based on the idea that one queen will save them and the other will destroy them.
  • The Weight of a Soul by ElizabethTammi – if you liked the elements of Gods and Goddesses meddling in the mortal world and the bond between sisters. Give this book a try.

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