Countdown – YALLFEST 2019

Ok, so I haven’t really mentioned this much (if at all) on my blog, but this year I’ll be attending YALLFEST in Charleston, SC. I’m crazy stupid excited about this because I’ve never been to South Carolina and I LOVE YA BOOKS.


  • As this post goes live, I’ll already be in SC as I’m taking a 5AM flight. Right about now, I should be on a bus tour of the city. Thursday is my historical site seeing day and I can’t wait! I love history.
  • As you definitely already know, it’s NaNoWriMo so on Thursday evening, after indulging in some incredible southern food (pictures to come on Instagram), I plan on getting some writing done and mapping out the next day.
  • On Friday, I’ll be attending Y’all Crawl. From what I understand, that’s like Book Con with booths and signings and fun stuff like that. So I’m super excited. I’m hoping to meet some bookish friends from Instagram too!
  • Saturday is panel day and I really want to see if I can get in to see Stephanie Garber. Then, my flight back is in the early evening.
  • Overall, it’s going to be a quick trip, but fun nonetheless!

Posts to come about my thoughts, haul, and recommendations!

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