Happy Publication Date – October 9, 2019


Happy Book Birthday to the following new releases:

  • Flame Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria #4) by Kay L. Moody

Description from Amazon (Flame Crown)

Kidnapped, imprisoned, and alone. But she isn’t dead yet.

Talise’s secret is out. Much to her surprise, Kessoku hasn’t killed her. But they aren’t about to let her go either.

Her latest escape attempt ends when she nearly launches herself down a chimney that leads to an incinerator. Her captors laugh at her antics and call her names.

She lets them.

She plays along, acting as scared and as helpless as they want her to be. Time in her cell is spent whimpering, groaning, and jumping at the slightest noise.

Little do they know, she is taking note of their routines. Watching for inconsistencies. And waiting. If they believe her to be weak, they’ll never expect another escape attempt. She is determined the next one will be successful.

After twelve years, she’s not about to give up now.

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