Happy Publication Date – September 9, 2019


Happy Book Birthday to the following new releases:

  • Dust Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria #3) by Kay L. Moody

Description from Amazon (Dust Crown)

The trials are over. It’s time for the real fight to begin.

Talise is thrust into her role as Master Shaper in the most dangerous way possible. With the enemy knocking on the gates of the palace, she must use her shaping to keep them away.

But even after the battle, the emperor continues to be unhappy with her progress. The soldiers seem to share his disdain, and they fight against her leadership at every turn.

With the deadline of the masquerade ball fast approaching, Talise must decide whose approval matters most: the emperor’s or the soldiers’.

Despite her decision, one thing is certain. She must prove her potential… before the emperor gets rid of her for good.

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