Happy Publication Date – August 26, 2019


Happy Book Birthday to the following new releases:

  • Wind Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria #2) by Kay L. Moody

Description from Amazon (Wind Crown)

The title of Master Shaper isn’t given, it’s earned. Let the trials begin.

The competition has arrived. Talise is the clear winner before it even starts. But Aaden has a much deeper desire to win than she ever realized. When he sabotages her demonstration, they are both punished.

Because of their talent, they are given a chance to earn the title of Master Shaper. But they must prove their honor and skill through a series of trials. In some areas, Talise excels. In others, she is woefully unprepared.

The emperor puts great value on wielding a sword and Talise has exactly none of the skill she needs. Of course, Aaden is a natural and easily impresses the emperor. Despite her best efforts to improve, the emperor seems increasingly disappointed in her abilities.

The emperor has threatened her with life in the dungeons before. If she doesn’t pass the trials, she can only guess what lengths he’ll go to in order to keep her out of the way.

At every turn, Aaden seems to be the only one who can help her. But she fears that trusting him could lead to far worse consequences… maybe even death.

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