Hype Post – Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa


**Disclaimer, I have not read Soul of the Sword.  The following post is pure speculation about what I think I will like and dislike about it.  I was recently approved for an e-ARC on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Title Soul of the Sword

Author Julie Kagawa

Description from Amazon

One thousand years ago, a wish was made and a sword of rage and lightning was forged. Kamigoroshi. The Godslayer. A weapon powerful enough to seal away the formidable demon Hakaimono.

Now he has broken free.

Kitsune shapeshifter Yumeko has one task: to take her piece of the ancient and powerful Scroll of a Thousand Prayers to the Steel Feather temple in order to prevent the summoning of the Harbinger of Change, the great Kami Dragon who will grant one wish to whomever holds the scroll. But she has a new enemy now, more dangerous than any she has yet faced. The demon Hakaimono is free at last, and he has possessed the very person Yumeko trusted to protect her from the evil at her heels, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan.

Hakaimono has only one goal: to break the curse of the sword and set himself free to rain chaos and destruction over the land forevermore. To do so, he will need the scroll. And Yumeko is the only one standing in his way.

Initial Thoughts

The ending of Shadow of the Fox destroyed me.  That book was amazing and I was heartbroken to see Tatsumi become possessed by Hakaimono.  However, I did love the reason for why he became possessed.

Anyway, that book left me devastated and desperate for more of this story.  I couldn’t be more excited to have my hands on an advanced copy.  Thank you, NetGalley!

Cover Art

I LOVE the color of this book.  It’s so vibrant and it’s one of my favorite colors.  I also love that the dragon/fox symbolism is still featured prominently.

Notes on the Dust Jacket

I’m a little bummed that we don’t get anything about Yumeko’s crew in the description but I guess I’m somewhat ok with it since this is really her and Tatsumi’s story.

Final Thoughts

I was thrilled to be chosen by NetGalley for this book.  I loved Shadow of the Fox and am super excited to read this sequel.

I am also very excited to see whose POVs we will see in this book.  Shadow of the Fox was told by Yumeko and Tatsumi but since Tatsumi is unavailable, will we get Hakaimono POV?  Or maybe, Okame and Daisuke??  I can’t wait to find out.

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