Review – The Shattered Moon by Alexander J. Wilkinson

**Disclaimer,  I received a copy as part of a tour from Read and Review book tours from the author in exchange for an honest review.  **

Title The Shattered Moon

Author Alexander J. Wilkinson

Description from Amazon


Shaya Greyborn dreams of becoming a soldier and going off on thrilling adventures . At the age of thirteen, she finally gets her wish, but the journey she embarks upon is more perilous than she ever imagined. She is being hunted. After rescuing Rowan, the young prince of Arrolyn, the unlikely pair venture across the kingdom as the darkness follows.

Shaya’s quest begins now, but is she ready?

The Shattered Moon is Book One of the new fantasy series ‘A Divine Legacy’. An absorbing tale filled with fantastical creatures and exciting battles. A story of friendship, bravery and finding ones place in a dangerous world.

Initial Thoughts

I was very excited to be chosen for this book review tour by Read and Review.  The main character is younger than the books I normally read but I was excited for a change of pace.

World Building

I really enjoyed the world created in this book.  The historical backdrop was very captivating and it opens the door for many more stories to take place in the setting.  I liked the use of myth or word of mouth storytelling to show that the people of Celease all had their own interpretations of the moon and the fallen city of Minerva.  There was a religious element but it was not overbearing.  I thought the world was very well written.

Favorite Character

Jinx — she may be small but she gives all the sass.  She was witty and comedic as needed but also served as the voice of reason for our young heroes when they needed it most.

Honorable mention to Sap who, for some reason, reminded me of Yoda on Dagobah.  I think it had something to do with the way he talked and his “out of nowhere” kind of wisdom for their surroundings.  I loved the Rootlings.

Series Value

The world of Celease is incredibly vast and there are several nods throughout the book to other parts that are currently unexplored.  I can easily see more stories about this world and about these characters.

One thing I would like to see, is a story with slightly older versions of Shaya and Rowan.  As I mentioned earlier, they are a bit younger than the characters I usually read about but, I can definitely forgive that if a book about them when they are older is coming my way.  I’d love to see how their friendship grows.

Something I Liked (And Was Surprised How Much I Liked It)

No romance.  This story was not about romance at all.  There were tiny hints between Rowan and Shaya (but they’re 13 so I didn’t expect much).  But, I loved that.  I loved the fact that the story was truly about the fight for their world.

For those who have read any of my other blog posts, romance in a story is almost always a major factor and I didn’t miss it in this book.  I was happy that it was not featured.  I think it opened the door for future story lines.  And, while I want to see it in the next books, I was very pleased with its absence in The Shattered Moon.

One Small Issue

I feel I’d be remiss in my duties as a book blogger (and a grammar nerd), if I didn’t make mention of the only issue I had with this book.  There were some small grammatical errors sprinkled in the pages.  While that should by no means stop you from reading this book, I’d like to see more refinement in future volumes of the story.  The errors I am referring to do not detract from the story in the least (they just irked my inner perfectionist).

Final Thoughts

This book was a major change of pace for me and I really enjoyed it.  The younger characters brought me back to my childhood at times and also, were so mature for their age, that I didn’t feel like I was reading about 13 year olds.  I loved that a fictional setting could stir so much nostalgia in me.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Isles of Stone Series by Kate Kennelly — while the characters in this series are a bit older, the general theme of lost gods and magic are the same.
  • The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson — the world building in The Shattered Moon reminds me so much of The Remnant from The Remnant Chronicles.  I loved Mary E. Pearson’s series for many of the same reasons I enjoyed The Shattered Moon.  Definitely give this series a try if you liked this book.
  • Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch — lost magic, rebellion, and royals are just some of the themes that make these books relatable.  Again, the characters in the Snow Like Ashes series are older, but there are many of the same feelings.

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