Countdown – Book Con 2019


Today’s the day!  I am going to be heading off to my first book con in just a few short hours.  Obviously, I am going to get there ridiculously early because I don’t want to miss one minute of this momentous event.

Ways to Follow My Progress

  • Instagram @books_over_everything
  • Twitter @mk_books
  • This blog – which I will be updating when I get home.  And yes, there are pre-planned posts to drop during the day.  Just because I’m busy for the weekend doesn’t mean I won’t give my scheduled doses of bookish thoughts.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • As previously said, I am looking forward to meeting new people (book lovers, authors, bloggers, basically anyone who shares my interests).
  • ARCs – all of the advanced copies.  There are so many amazing books coming out later this year and I want to get my hands on them early so I can hype them up adequately for you, my lovely readers.
  • My first convention!  I’ve never been to any kind of convention before so this is an exciting first.  I am a little anxious that I might be overwhelmed but, you live and you learn, am I right?  I’m going into this weekend with all the energy and a super positive attitude

The Game Plan

  • I don’t have any autograph tickets so I won’t be participating in that portion of the event, but I do have a very detailed schedule (which will likely be abandoned in favor of spontaneity), that I plan to try to stick to.
  • Hit up all the major publishers booths as well as the subscription boxes that I belong to.
  • Make connections.  This weekend will be a success if I walk out with one new connection.  Even the small victories count.

I am so excited!  I can’t wait to share this experience with my readers!

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