What’s in a Cover – Romanov


Title Romanov

Author Nadine Brandes

Description from Amazon

The history books say I died.

They don’t know the half of it.

Anastasia “Nastya” Romanov was given a single mission: to smuggle an ancient spell into her suitcase on her way to exile in Siberia. It might be her family’s only salvation. But the leader of the Bolshevik army is after them, and he’s hunted Romanov before.

Nastya’s only chances of saving herself and her family are either to release the spell and deal with the consequences, or to enlist help from Zash, the handsome soldier who doesn’t act like the average Bolshevik. Nastya has only dabbled in magic, but it doesn’t frighten her half as much as her growing attraction to Zash. She likes him. She thinks he might even like her.

That is, until she’s on one side of a firing squad . . . and he’s on the other.

Cover Art (left to right)

  • Original Cover
  • Bookish Box Exclusive Dust Jacket
  • Shelf Love Crate Exclusive Dust Jacket

Original Cover

I love the original cover of this book.  Black is basically my favorite color (since it matches my soul).  So I think this is a really dramatic and stunning contrast to the red and gold details.  The designs are both beautiful and meaningful.  A+ on this design.

Bookish Box Cover

This cover is so pretty in its own way.  As much as I normally complain about pictures of people on the cover of books, this is what I image Nastya would have looked like so I am ok with it here.  The back is also super pretty.  Not pictured, but it’s a rainbow flame with Nastya and Zash.  

Shelf Love Crate Cover

Black may match my soul, but blue is actually my favorite color.  I love this subtle change to make the background of the original cover navy blue.  It’s a slight change but it’s so perfect.  

Final Thoughts

I think I like the original cover best here, but I love having all three.  As much as I am a reader, I am a collector of books.  All three of these covers convey different feelings I had about these books.  

Check out my full review here.

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