Just Finished – Legendary by Stephanie Garber

I just finished listening to the audiobook of Legendary by Stephanie Garber. Although this isn’t my official review, I need to take the time to say how much I absolutely loved it. I can’t stress to you enough how much I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner. In some ways, I was right to not read it sooner because I am literally dying to read Finale now but, it was so incredible, I wish I had read it right when it came out.

This is the first book that I would honestly consider rereading. Don’t get me wrong, I can rewatch TV shows like the best of them, but I’ve never had any interest in re-reading a book. I have never read something so captivating, I wanted to be sucked into the story again. That is, until I read Legendary.

Stephanie Garber must be a fate herself because the magic she has over written word is undeniable. I enjoyed Caraval but, I loved Legendary.

Review coming tomorrow. Don’t miss out 😉

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