And the List Goes On and On and On… TBR Lists


Let’s talk about my TBR list.

“Surround yourself with books.  For to do so, means to surround yourself with wisdom of men far greater than your own.”

The Goodreads app is basically the single greatest app I have on my phone (besides Fruit Ninja, am I right?).  But seriously, to be able to take my reading wish list with me everywhere is one of the most valuable tools I have as a reader.

Why is having a TBR list so great?

  • It keeps me motivated.  The more books I have on there, the more I want to read.
  • It helps me to reward myself.  When something good happens, I usually treat myself to something.  And that something is usually, you guess it, a book!  How do I decide what book, you may ask.  I consult my handy TBR list in the Goodreads app.
  • It helps me discover new books.  I could click on “Other Books You Might Enjoy” for hours going from one page to another adding dozens of books to my list.  But that’s how I find books that I want to read.  Bookstagram and NetGalley are great tools too but Goodreads is the app of apps.  It’s so helpful.

My general rule of thumb: TBR list should always be longer than my read list.  And yes, that sounds crazy.  It’s as if you are never chipping away at your list.  But, there will always be more books than you can read in your life so you should always strive to keep reading.  Don’t look at the list as something to defeat, look at it as something that grows with you.

**For anyone new to this blog, TBR = to be read.**

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