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**Disclaimer: I was given a free ARC in exchange for an honest review from as part of a tour from TBR and Beyond Tours.**

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Title Wind Daughter
Author Joanna Ruth Meyer
Release Date July 12, 2022
Date Finished July 8, 2022

A hauntingly beautiful fairy tale about love and loss, this Echo North companion novel is perfect for fans of the Winternight Trilogy.

In the dark, cold reaches of the north lives a storyteller and his daughter. He told his daughter, Satu, many stories–romances like the girl who loved a star and changed herself into a nightingale so she could always see him shining–but the most important story he told her was his own. This storyteller was once the formidable North Wind, but he lost his power by trading it away in exchange for mortality–he loved her mother too much to live without her. The loss of his magic impacted more than just their family, however, and now the world is unraveling in the wake of this imbalance.

To save the North, Satu embarks on a perilous journey to reclaim her father’s magic, but she isn’t the only one searching for it. In the snow-laden mountains, she finds herself in a deadly race with the Winter Lord who wants the North Wind’s destructive powers for himself.

Satu has the chance to be the heroine of her own fairy tale, only this one has an ending she never could have imagined.

Initial Thoughts
I was thrilled to be chosen for this tour. I adore Joanna Ruth Meyer’s writing. I’ve read all of her books and will continue to do so. Echo North was one of those books that was so rich and beautifully written, it needed a companion novel so I couldn’t wait to dive in.

A Quick Note Before We Dive In
This is a companion novel as opposed to a direct sequel to Echo North, but, if you plan to read Echo North, definitely read it first. There are spoilers for Echo North in Wind Daughter. However, you can read Wind Daughter as a stand alone if you want to.

Some Things I Liked
Villainous love interest. I am a sucker for a good broody, misunderstood love interest and the Winter Lord was 100% my jam. He was salty toward Satu but never did anything outwardly evil to her. I was rooting for him from the jump.
Lyrical writing and rich world building. I loved the world established in Echo North and loved to see it expanded upon even more in Wind Daughter. The writing is so immersive and beautiful and I love the tiny hints at more stories woven throughout.
Anxiety representation. I loved the way Satu’s feelings fears were portrayed in this story and how they were handled with such care. Her journey was so well done and I loved that it didn’t have a perfect neat ending.

Series Value
I marked quite a few spots in this book where I’d like to see a spin off stem from, one of which was Mokosh and the West Wind’s story. This world is so rich with spin off potential and I’d love to read more about it.

Final Thoughts
I loved this book. I really never thought I wouldn’t love it given that I love all of Joanna Ruth Meyer’s books but I just wanted to say it again. This one was just perfect and I really hope to read more set in this world soon.


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Joanna Ruth Meyer is the author of Echo NorthInto the Heartless Wood, Beneath the Haunting Sea, and Beyond the Shadowed Earth. She writes stories about fierce teens finding their place in the world, fighting to change their fate, save the ones they love, or carve out a path to redemption.
Joanna lives with her dear husband and son, a rascally feline, and an enormous grand piano named Prince Imrahil in Mesa, Arizona. As often as she can, she escapes the desert heat and heads north to the mountains, where the woods are always waiting.

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