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**Disclaimer: I was given a free finished copy of the below in exchange for an honest review as part of a tour hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours.**

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Title This Golden Flame
Author Emily Victoria
Release Date February 2, 2021
Date Finished February 15, 2021


Orphaned and forced to serve her country’s ruling group of scribes, Karis wants nothing more than to find her brother, long ago shipped away. But family bonds don’t matter to the Scriptorium, whose sole focus is unlocking the magic of an ancient automaton army.

In her search for her brother, Karis does the seemingly impossible—she awakens a hidden automaton. Intelligent, with a conscience of his own, Alix has no idea why he was made. Or why his father—their nation’s greatest traitor—once tried to destroy the automatons.

Suddenly, the Scriptorium isn’t just trying to control Karis; it’s hunting her. Together with Alix, Karis must find her brother…and the secret that’s held her country in its power for centuries.

Initial Thoughts

I was super excited to read this book. It’s been on my radar for a while now and I was excited to read something that had a mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements.

Some Things I Liked

  • Greek references. While this book had automatons and technology, it still felt very reminiscent of ancient Greece. I loved the names and places described and would definitely be curious to know more about this world.
  • Pirates. I was not expecting this book to become a pirate or ship story and was very pleasantly surprised when Zara and crew were introduced.
  • Representations. I loved the diversity in representation in this world. I also loved the way the other characters and the society in general were so accepting.
  • Dual POVs. I also really enjoyed the contrast between Alix and Karis’s POVs. Both were naive in their own ways and they made the story that much more interesting. The reader learned along with both of them and that made the mysteries that much richer.
  • Pinocchio retelling. I haven’t really seen this book tagged as a retelling but Alix’s story reminded me so much of a Pinocchio retelling and I thought that was super unique.

One Thing I Wasn’t Crazy About

  • Pacing. For a stand alone story, I didn’t think this was paced all that well. The story was slow to built initially and then zoomed to the finish line in the last 30%. I wished the story had flowed better or had been extended into multiple books.

Series Value

I liked this world a lot. I’d definitely read another book set in this world. I think I’d most want to see a prequel about the world with Master Theodis.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this book. I connected with a lot of the characters, was engaged by the mysteries, and read it all in one sitting. I think it was a solid debut and I’d keep reading this author.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Crown of Bones by A.K. Wilder – if you enjoyed the pirate vibes, writing or script based magic and society, and multiple POVs, try this new release.
  • Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers – if you enjoyed the pirate vibes and the idea of Alix’s character learning to feel or learning how his feelings work, definitely try this stand alone – Alix is a lot like Aiden.

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Emily Victoria is a Canadian prairie girl who writes young adult science fiction and fantasy. When not word-smithing, she likes walking her over-excitable dog, drinking far too much tea, and crocheting things she no longer has the space to store.

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