Review – Fallen For You by Sylver Michaela

**Disclaimer: I was given a free ARC in exchange for an honest review from the author.**

Title Fallen For You

Author Sylver Michaela


Raven has it pretty hard at home, and most of the time, she keeps to herself. Life is just easier that way. Simpler. At least, it was before a local boy gets murdered. Suddenly, things start changing. Raven is thrown into danger’s path, but she finds she doesn’t have to face it alone. Kaden, the charismatic and secretive new guy, is right there with her. Together, they work to figure out what’s really going on, and as they uncover the truth behind the attacks, as well as their growing feelings, Raven learns there is far more to that simple life of hers than she could’ve ever imagined. And Kaden’s secret might just be a part of it.

Release Date September 25, 2020

Initial Thoughts

I met Sylver on Bookstagram and was immediately intrigued with the concept of her debut novel. I applied to be one of her ARC readers and she was kind enough to send a copy along to me. I was super excited to read this book.

Some Things I Liked

  • Small town TWILIGHT vibes. I loved the setting of this novel and I really enjoyed that it was set in a small town where all the locals seem to know each other.
  • I also loved the mysterious love interest. Kaden was very Edward Cullen and I really enjoyed that.
  • Shorter novel. I read this book all in one sitting. I thought it was the perfect length to tell the story and wasn’t too long.

One Thing I Wasn’t Crazy About

  • I wasn’t crazy about Raven’s home life. I found it unnecessarily violent and tragic. I understand that her home life is difficult, but her father’s treatment of her is not subject matter that I typically enjoy.

Series Value

I think this book worked as a standalone. However, that being said, I’d revisit this world in the form of sequels. I think there is a lot of potential for more stories regarding Kaden’s old life as well as more about Kaden and Raven.

Additionally, I’d read more of Sylver Michaela’s writing. I thought this was a very well done debut and I’d love to see how her writing grows and matures.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. Thank you so much to Sylver Michaela for providing me with a review copy. I love finding new indie authors to follow and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Guardian by Darby Cupid – if you enjoyed the idea of guardian angels, try this adult novella by Darby Cupid.
  • Twilight by Stephanie Meyer – if you liked the small town vibes as well as the theme of a mysterious new guy, try this series.

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