Review – Greythorne by Crystal Smith

**Disclaimer: I was given a free e-ARC in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.**

Title Greythorne (Bloodleaf #2)

Author Crystal Smith

Description from Amazon

Princess Aurelia’s life is upended when the kingdom she thought she saved falls to ruin, a loved one is tragically killed in a shipwreck, and her home country turns against her. With no place left to call her own, Aurelia returns to Greythorne Manor—her best friend’s family mansion—only to find that Greythorne has sinister secrets of its own. With enemies closing in on all sides, Aurelia is caught in a mad fight to protect the only people she has left—her family. In her darkest moments, when all seems grim, will Aurelia find a spark of hope from a love she thought long lost? 

Release Date September 1, 2020

Initial Thoughts

First of all, I just want to say I’m all about these new covers. I was also on the Street Team for this release and seeing everyone’s posts just made me want to read this book more. I received Bloodleaf last year in one of the first book boxes I ever received and it was also one of the first audiobooks that I tried. I loved the characters and was super excited to find out what would happen to them in this book.

Some Things I Liked

  • Loose ends tied up. I loved that all of the subtle clues and hints dropped in Bloodleaf and throughout Greythorne came full circle. Every detail is so thoughtfully placed and it was such a pleasure trying to puzzle out the hidden meanings behind the mysteries Aurelia uncovers.
  • Love triangle is over. I’m so glad the love triangle element is played out. Aurelia and Zan are endgame and I will not have anyone tell me otherwise. I am a fan of Kellen, but he needs to find someone else. Aurelia is spoken for. Anyway, I was glad to see the romance element between Kellen and Aurelia was pretty much nonexistent in this book.
  • Onal and her sass. Onal was amazing in Bloodleaf and I was so glad to see her featured so prominently in Greythorne. She was an absolute treasure and I loved her backstory.

Series Value

After reading Bloodleaf, I knew this was a series I wanted to stick with. Now, after having read Greythorne, I’m even more sure this is an awesome series. As soon as someone wants to send me a copy of Ebonwilde, I’ll be reading it.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. I liked Bloodleaf a lot but I loved Greythorne. Aurelia’s character growth was amazing and I loved the way the plot came full circle. I’m super excited to see what happens in Ebonwilde and I really hope that we can see some of that story told from Zan’s perspective.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Ebonwilde by Crystal Smith – I haven’t read Ebonwilde yet but I definitely will be reading it! I can’t wait to find out how this stunning series concludes.
  • Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin – if you enjoyed the witchy elements of the Bloodleaf series, try this series by Shelby Mahurin. Book 2, Blood & Honey came out on September 1, 2020 as well.

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