Blog Tour – Divine Blood by Beck Michaels

**Disclaimer: I was given a free finished copy of the below in exchange for an honest review as part of a tour hosted by Literary Bound Tours.**

I’d like to begin by thanking Literary Bound Tours and the author, Beck Michaels, for choosing me for this tour.

Title Divine Blood

Author Beck Michaels

Release Date June 3, 2020

Publisher Alma Press


Dyna has a mission: destroy the demon that destroyed her life. First, she must find a
magical weapon hidden in a place of dark legend, a place of wonder and treasure, a place from which no one returns. Unfortunately, she is not the only one searching for it.

The Shadow demon nearly took everything from Dynalya Astron, and it would soon return for more. When she discovers a way to fight back, she must go on a perilous journey and risk it all for those she holds dear.

Along the way, she meets Cassiel, a Celestial Prince with magic blood and wings as black as his heart. He wants nothing to do with Dyna until he learns she could lead him to a place he has been searching for all his life.

But reaching their destination is not as easy as they thought, nor are they the only ones who search for it. With danger at every turn and harrowing secrets between them, the quest will require much more than determination. They must fight for what they desire—or die trying.

For fans of Throne of Glass, The Cruel Prince, and The Lord of the Rings comes Beck Michael’s debut novel with remarkable characters, a budding romance, and gripping action. Divine Blood is the first book of an Epic Dark Fantasy series that explores the depths of loss, acceptance, and the true meaning of

Initial Thoughts

I was super excited to be chosen for this tour. It’s my first tour with Literary Bound Tours and it’s been a fantastic experience. Also, I’ve been seeing this book all over Instagram lately so I was experiencing serious shelf envy. I really wanted to read it – and, I finally had the chance!

Some Things I Liked

  • Multiple POVs. I loved that about this book. I especially loved Von’s POV as you aren’t sure if he’s a villain or a hero. He’s super morally grey and I’m all about that.
  • Moral grey-ness. Another favorite feature. I loved that the characters all had secrets and the reader was unsure of their intentions. The multiple POVs really added to this ambiguity as the reader was only privy to the thoughts of the narrating character.
  • No love triangle. I was a little worried as the plot started developing and I found out that there are several more Guardians out there. As much as I love Dyna and I think all the guys are probably after her, I was very pleased to see that she is pretty set on one guy.
  • Mythical beings we’ve seen before structured in a unique way. I’ve read lots of books that include werewolves, descendants of angels, mages, etc. but, I really loved the structure of the society and the social structures within each species. I found the story to be incredibly unique in that sense and I want to see more of it. The author introduces several places subtly throughout the story that I can’t wait to visit in subsequent sequels. Additionally, several other inter-species conflicts are alluded to which will provide an even richer history to this vast world.
  • A trope I wasn’t expecting. No spoilers, but there is a certain trope that I really really love was included in this book. It seems like it will be fleshed out much more in the next book but I’m so here for it!

Series Value

WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK IN THE SERIES?? I need the sequel. I’m basically broken and will remain in this state until I read the next book.

Needless to say, I am very invested in this series and excited to continue with it. The world building and POVs set up a unique over-arching storyline that I am eager to learn more about.

Final Thoughts

I had a feeling I’d like this book. I am very happy to report that I LOVED IT. The plot was awesome, I’m obsessed with the characters, and I can’t wait to read more. This was a perfect start to my collaboration with Literary Bound Tours.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas – if you enjoyed the multiple POVs, complex world building, and larger over-arching plot, try this series by SJM.
  • Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes – I literally just finished this book last night, but if you liked Divine Blood, try this series. It has multiple POVs, a large conspiracy plot, and an epic quest for magical items.

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Beck Michaels is the American author of the enchanting young adult novel Divine
Blood, the first book in the epic fantasy series The Guardians of the Maiden, and the novella King’s Oath.

She has been working on the Guardians series for over fifteen years.
At seventeen, she won a scholarship to the Herron School of Art to further pursue graphic design. She
now runs her own imprint called Pluma Press and works as a freelance graphic designer.
Beck lives in Indiana with her husband and two children, where she spends her time reading and
daydreaming of stories in faraway lands.

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