Review – Into the Hourglass by Emily R. King


**Disclaimer: I was given an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.  Please also note, there are spoilers below for the first book in this series, Before the Broken Star.**

Title Into the Hourglass

Author Emily R. King

Description from Amazon

Everley Donovan’s mission: retrieve the hallowed sword of Avelyn stolen by the wicked Prince Killian, who slayed her family and left her for dead. Should she fail, the seven worlds will come to an end, as could time itself. And no one treasures time more than Everley, whose lifesaving clock heart cannot beat forever. She has set sail with a rogue crew for the otherworlds, where the key to dethroning the prince lies deep within the Land Under the Wave.

But passage through these unknown seas—where horrors lurk and pirates rove—proves a treacherous gamble. The Land Under the Wave was not made for humans, particularly one with a fragile clock heart. Here, Everley’s tragic past resurfaces unsolved questions. Here, too, the prince has hidden secrets more precious than pearls, secrets that could fracture the future forevermore. Everley must take back her sword and break free from this watery world before her time runs out…or so will everyone else’s.

Initial Thoughts

While I fully admit that the first book in this series was a Bookstagram influenced purchase, I adored it and couldn’t wait to read the second book.  I loved Everley’s character and her inner struggle to determine if the revenge she’s wanted for so long is worth the cost.  While she might not be traditionally “morally grey”, I really enjoyed her storyline in the first book as she begins to learn that she does not need a beating heart to love.

Cover Art

I have this book preordered already.  But I couldn’t wait to read it.  I jumped at the chance to read it on NetGalley.  I LOVE this cover too.  I can’t wait to see the book without the jacket (because I’m sure it will be just as beautiful as the first).  This cover has major shelf appeal and this is a series that I am very proud to have in my library.

Series Value

The first book had me totally sold on this series.  After having read, Into the Hourglass, there is no doubt in my mind that this is an amazing series.  So much potential and so many twists and turns.  I love that this series is so captivating and so full of surprises.

I have read a lot of books.  Like, a lot.  But this series keeps me on my toes.  Major props to Emily R. King for keeping me guessing.  I love it.

Some Things I Loved

The addition of new characters.  I was very pleased to meet Osric and learn his back story as well as narrowing down the characters from the first book.  I really like the Fox and the Cat and I was glad to see that they were included in this story.  Quinn was missed, but her absence opened the door for some very welcome background that came from new characters.

The scene with the sea hag and the princess of the merrows.  I loved that scene.  It gave me all kinds of polyjuice potion feels from the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I knew it wasn’t going to go perfectly and I couldn’t wait to see how it played out.  That was definitely one of my favorite scenes.

Everley and Jamison’s countryside reunion.  I’m so glad she finally admitted her feelings for him.

I also really love that the endings of both Before the Broken Star and Into the Hourglass are somewhat final.  They both capture the end of a section of story and feel conclusive.  While there are unanswered questions, I didn’t feel like there were any major cliffhangers (something I appreciate).  I like that each book both wraps up neatly and transitions to the next part of the story.

One Thing I Wasn’t Crazy About

I hated that Everley walked right into Killian’s trap.  Again.  I was so disappointed in her during that moment.  It’s not a plot flaw so much as it’s my disappointment in the hero of this story making, what I think of as, a stupid mistake.  [Insert the shame bell from Game of Thrones]

Final Thoughts

I loved this book.  Looking back, I actually love Before the Broken Star even more now because of it.  Into the Hourglass made an already strong story, even better.  Emily R. King has built a truly captivating and fascinating world with characters that I am heavily invested in.  I cannot wait to continue to read this story.


Recommendations for Further Reading

  • Daughter of the Pirate King and Daughter of the Siren Queen by Tricia Levenseller – although Before the Broken Star is not a tale of pirates, a large portion of it takes place on the sea and travelling.  Also, Alosa and Riden remind me so much of Everley and Jamison.
  • Everless and Evermore by Sara Holland – I think these books are similar to Before the Broken Star because of the time element.  Everley constantly worries about living on borrowed time and not knowing when her time will run out.  The setting of Everless has an interesting take on life, immortality, and the idea of borrowed time.
  • Dark Breaks the Dawn and Bright Burns the Night by Sara B. Larson – this is another story with an interesting concept of time.  Also, there are strong parallels between the plot through elements such as romance, curses, and family legacies.

Release Date August 20, 2019

Don’t miss the final book in this epic trilogy coming out in December 2019!



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  1. I haven’t had the opportunity to read this author but I will be on the lookout for a chance too hopefully before the final book comes out in December. Thank you for sharing!

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