Monthly Round Up – April 2019


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April Releases

Thoughts for April 2019

I am closing out my first official month of running this blog.  I want to say thank you to all of my readers and supporters.  I am having so much fun sharing my thoughts with you.  I’ve always wanted a hobby (and saying that sounds crazy, but hear me out).  I never really had a hobby growing up.  My hobby was getting lost in stories (if you could even call it a hobby).  I love TV, movies, and especially books but, as an adult, that wasn’t enough.  I had amassed all of this knowledge about these stories and didn’t have an outlet to share it.  But then, I discovered blogging and bookstagram.  I feel like I finally have a place to speak freely about the subjects that interest me most.  So, thank you for listening.

What’s on Deck for May 2019?

You tell me!  What do you want to see featured?  I’d love to hear comments and suggestions.


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