Unboxing – OwlCrate June 2019

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I loved the theme of this last month’s OwlCrate.  [Insert shame bell from Game of Thrones for the fact that it’s July 7th and I’m just posting the June unboxing].

Theme Libraries of Wonder

Items Included

  • 📖 Key shaped gel pen chosen by @owlcrate — This pen is super cool (and it’s blue!).  It also writes really well.
  • 📖 Bookish coasters with designs by @kdpletters — I love these.  I love that they are not inspired by any specific fandom but rather just books.
  • 📖 Coffee (which is life) made by @bookbeau — I love coffee.  I practically have an IV of the stuff coming out of my arm every morning just to wake up.  This was a great item to include.
  • 📖 Strange the Dreamer tote designed by @stellabookishart — This is a pretty tote with a cool quote but it’s not from a book I’ve read and, I just came from Book Con where I got like 20 new bookish totes.
  • 📖 Chronicles of Narnia book ends designed by @heyatlascreative —  I LOVE THESE.  I always need bookends (because I have like a billion books) and I love the design on these.  Even though they are Narnia inspired, they aren’t over the top with fandom-ness.  They’re subtle and go perfectly with my decor and style.
  • 📖 Sorcery of Thorns signed with a special edition cover, author letter, and sticker from @margaret_rogerson — Now this is the kind of special edition I’m talking about.  The OwlCrate version of We Hunt the Flame was a blip on the radar, a one time fumble.  This exclusive purple cover is the kind of book that I want to collect.
  • 📖 Sorcery of Thorns inspired pin designed by @brioandbrandish — this pin is super cute.  I love it so much more now that I have read Sorcery of Thorns.

Next Month’s Theme Trials and Tournaments

Use this link to get your first OwlCrate box


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