Review – Veiled Allurement by Elle Beaumont

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Title Veiled Allurement

Author Elle Beaumont

Description from Amazon

When the clock strikes midnight blood will be shed. 

When Faye, the ruling goddess of Alindor, and Lady of Light, is cast from the heavens by her wicked sisters, Nymiane and Etain, she finds herself unable to tap into her powers. As if that wasn’t cruel enough, she quickly discovers that a mask has been sealed against her face, unable to be removed.

She is soon feeling panicked, but as luck would have it two good Samaritans scoop her up and whisk her away to a house full of ladies. There, Faye is forced to lie about who she is and where she is from and finds herself easily making friends with her new housemates.

As things begin to settle into a new routine, no one anticipates Faye being abducted by King Zev of Melothra, or that he plans to use her as an instrument of chaos, courtesy of Nymiane, on the eve of his annual ball.

A war is about to break out and when the clock strikes midnight-who will survive?

Initial Thoughts
I read Hunter’s Truce and Royal’s Vow by Elle Beaumont in March and really enjoyed them.  I signed up for her email newsletter and received a free Kindle copy of Veiled Allurement and I was excited to read another novella.
Cover Art
To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of actual photos as cover art.  I like fancy fonts symbolic imagery.  I feel like photos force me to imagine characters in a certain way which detracts from my enjoyment of a story.  For me, part of the joy of reading is using my imagination to decide what I think characters look and act like.  If the author gives me a literal photo of what they think the character is like, I feel cheated.
Favorite Part
This story is a retelling of Cinderella but it has an almost mythological spin to it.  Although the gods and goddesses are fictional, they were portrayed similarly to the stories of the Greek or Roman gods.  I thought this was a really interesting spin to put on a classic tale.
Final Thoughts
The story was well written, just long enough to cover the basics, and extremely unique for a retelling.  However, I found some of the character names/nicknames a bit convoluted.  For example, Sandor, is referred to as both Sandor and Roshan, sometimes interchangeably in the same sentence.
That point aside, I liked this novella and would definitely recommend it for fans of Cinderella.
Recommendations for Further Reading
  • Gilded Ashes by Rosamund Hodge – this is another Cinderella retelling.  Also, it’s also a novella.
  • Hunter’s Truce and Royal’s Vow by Elle Beaumont – same author and same premise.  These novellas are retellings of the Big Bad Wolf story but if you like retellings of classics, you will enjoy these stories too.  Similarly, if you enjoy Elle Beaumont’s writing style, definitely check these out.
  • Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon – although this isn’t a fairytale retelling, it is a retelling of a classic Charles Dickens’ story.  Both Olivia Twist and Veiled Allurement have romance that revolves around the main characters keeping secrets (and having secrets involving their siblings 😉).  This is a full length novel, but if you liked Veiled Allurement, trust me, and give Olivia Twist a try.


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